Prayer Course II (God on Mute)

Session 1 Engaging the Silence

Kicking off the course with an honest look at the four big questions we all ask when confronted with suffering. With special guest, author Bob Sorge.

Session 2 How?

“How am I going to get through this?”

In this session we address questions of the heart: seeking to find purpose in pain and strategies for dealing with disappointment. With special guest, TV presenter Simon Thomas.

Session 3 Why?

“Why aren’t my prayers working? In this session we wrestle with the some of the most difficult intellectual questions: why does an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful God allow suffering? With special guest, 24-7 Prayer leader Alain Emerson.

Session 4 Where?

“Where is God when heaven is silent?”

Exploring the questions we ask when we find ourselves trapped between the pain of Good Friday and the miracles of Easter Sunday. With special guest Eritrean gospel singer Helen Berhanet

Session 5 When?

“When will my prayers be answered?”

Celebrating the hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus and anticipating the day when all our prayers will find their answer in his return. With special guests Sammy Greig and Ladan Nouri, imprisoned for her faith.